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Petition to the Legislature of Ontario

Whereas recent events in Japan have clearly demonstrated the risks of nuclear power and our limited ability to predict the exact sequence of events that can lead to a nuclear crisis;

And whereas seven Ontario nuclear reactors were shutdown in 1998 as a result of significant safety concerns, demonstrating that this province is far from impervious to a nuclear accident;

We the undersigned urge the Government of Ontario to:

  1. direct the Ontario Power Authority to examine the potential to cost-effectively replace Ontario’s existing nuclear reactors, when they come to the end of their economic lives, by an integrated combination of energy conservation and efficiency, made-in-Ontario green power, water power imports from Quebec, and small-scale, high-efficiency natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants; and
  2. enact a moratorium on the proposed Darlington Nuclear Station Re-Build and New-Build Projects until the Ontario Power Authority has completed a report on the potential to meet our electricity needs using a mix of lower cost and safer options.

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Ontario's Green Future

Ontario Clean Air AllianceThe Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health and environmental organizations, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, corporations and individuals working for cleaner air through a coal phase-out and a shift to a renewable electricity future.