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September 4, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!


“No effective treatment is possible for the catastrophic effects of a nuclear explosion or reactor disaster. When the imperative to prevent what cannot be controlled is so strong, it is clear that both nuclear weapons and nuclear power have no place in a safe, sustainable world.” - International physicians’ recommendations for protecting health after the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Why won’t any of the Big Three stand up for K-W taxpayers?


The World

Nuclear reactors in the tar sands

Power plants releasing hotter water As we've been saying all along -- "it's the water, stupid!" It's actually worse for the nuke plants...  They dump radionuclides into the water, which therefore don't get dispersed as well because of the low flow rates and water volumes.  This can result in a more local bio-concentration, which then get into the fish people eat and the waters they drink and recreate in.  So it's not just about killing fish.

Does the world need nuclear power to solve the climate crisis? Nuclear power looks expensive and repulsive compared to increasingly affordable renewable energy

Japanese majority favor zero nuclear power

Ottawa says it’s streamlining environmental review process, reducing “paperwork” The 2012 federal budget led to a change in regulation that means nationwide, nearly 3,000 proposed developments will no longer be subject to a review for potential environmental damage by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). The list includes six proposals from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited to decommission a plutonium recovery laboratory, to decommission a waste water evaporator, to clean up two “legacy landfill areas,” and to build and operate “a new dry storage system for used fuel and non-fuel waste”— all in the Chalk River area.



What you need to know about Darlington's reactors by Greenpeace, essential reading for Ontarians. Also: Video blog.

Protect Lake Ontario Stop Darlington Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Darlington nuclear station has been killing millions of fish every year, in contravention of federal environmental law. Cooling towers are installed at most nuclear plants to protect aquatic ecosystems.  They allow cooling water to be recycled instead of continually sucked from a lake. The Darlington nuclear station is a dirty exception.  Darlington takes its cooling water directly from Lake Ontario and in so doing sucks up and kills millions of fish annually.  The station’s hot, chemical laden waste water is then dumped back into Lake Ontario. OPG designed Darlington without cooling towers in the 1970s to save money.  OPG chose profits over environmental protection. Video blog

Nuclear Waste Seeks a Home “Money is the big issue here. I know there’s big bucks involved in this, and certainly they’re going to do their best to try and get it. Our challenge is to try and stop them. We’ll do our best to do that.” Chief Lyle Sayers of the Garden River First Nation

Dr. Gordon Edwards speaks about Ontario’s nuclear waste repository Listen up everyone!

Burying Nuclear Waste at the Bruce: OPG's Proposed Deep Geological Repository This new web site has been created by a network of citizens groups who are concerned about nuclear waste. Ontario Power Generation is proposing to bury 200,000 cubic metres of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes deep underground in caverns carved out of limestone on the shore of Lake Huron. A public review is underway, and hearings are expected to begin in 2013.


Renewables and Conservation

Japan’s Renewable energy plan sees no nukes Environment Minister Goshi Hosono released a new strategy Friday to boost power generation capacity by more than sixfold for four renewable energy categories by 2030 to make it possible to eliminate all nuclear power plants.

Over Half of Germany's Renewable Energy Owned By Citizens & Farmers, Not Utility Companies


Act Now!

Ontario By-election day - Thur. Sept. 6 – Ask candidates where they stand on nuclear cost overruns. Will they leave you on the hook for another nuclear bailout? And sign the petition demanding rigorous spending controls on new nuclear projects.

Release the true, complete, unsubsidized costs of Nuclear Power Generation Sign the petition.

Stop Making Nuclear Waste Sign the petition.

Please send a message to Energy Minister Chris Bentley (and cc me) asking him to protect taxpayers and electricity consumers by flipping the switch off superfluous coal-fired electric generation and mothballing Pickering.  It’s time for the province to finally end its expensive and dangerous coal and nuclear bear hugs and embrace safer and cheaper alternatives instead. For more info.

Order our new leaflet calling on the ON gov’t to halt their massive nuclear expansion plans – they’re free and contain postcards to Energy Minister Bentley asking him to favour lower-cost, safer and greener options. Distribute them to your friends and neighbours.



Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety Book Launch, Thur. Sept. 6, 7 p.m. Edward Day Gallery, 952 Queen West, #200, Toronto. Once known for peacekeeping, Canada is becoming a militarized nation

Photovoltaic Generation Sep 8, Kortright Centre. This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of photovoltaics (PV), and will provide you with the basic theory of photovoltaics including practical applications and installation.

Animal Support for Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Sun. Sept. 9, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m, 6 Garamond Court Don Mills (Don Mills and Eglinton), Toronto. Photo exhibit, info booths, flea market and more.

Energy Futures and Health Conference Wed. Sept. 12, Kitchener-Waterloo

Solar City Co-Operative Announcement Public Meeting, Thurs. Sept. 13, Kitchener

Rally for a Nuclear-Free Future! Thousands of anti-nuclear activists from across the U.S. will converge on Washington, D.C. this September 20- 22, 2012 for a three-day event

Remembering Rosalie Bertell Saturday, September 29, 7 p.m. Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor Street West ( St. George subway), Toronto. Free.

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