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September 27, 2013 – Please pass this onto a friend!

"Someone from OPG should explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesn’t make you a terrorist." Ralph Splettstoesser in his presentation to the joint Review Panel on the proposed Deep Geological Repository in Kincardine, ON, a.k.a. DUD (deep underground dump), where Ontario Power Generation is proposing to bury all of Ontario’s low and intermediate level nuclear waste, on the shores of Lake Huron

The World

Errors Cast Doubt on Japan’s Cleanup of Nuclear Accident Site Good piece in the NYTimes: “Japan is clearly living in denial,” said Kiyoshi Kurokawa, a medical doctor who led Parliament’s independent investigation last year into the causes of the nuclear accident. “Water keeps building up inside the plant, and debris keeps piling up outside of it. This is all just one big shell game aimed at pushing off the problems until the future.”

Fukushima Operator Dumps 1,000 Tons Of Radiated Water In Sea after a typhoon raked the facility on Tuesday

The Ongoing Fukushima Daiichi Crisis News Conference
Video excerpts from the Sept. 23, 2013 live stream Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan news conference featuring Gregory Jaczko, Torgen Johnson and Tetsuro Tsutsui.

The Deepening Crisis at Fukushima – with Canada’s Dr. Gordon Edwards Fantastic 50 min. audio interview

Yogi, Buddhist teacher and activist Michael Stone arrives on a pilgrimage to Japan in the wake of the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown to learn how the Japanese are responding to the crisis. Watch the 34 min. film here.



First Nations must speak for themselves, nuclear hearing told “Radiation does not respect town lines,” Chief Randall Kahgee of the Saugeen Ojibway Nations (SON) told the panel.

OPP quiz opponents to Lake Huron nuclear dump prior to hearings The subliminal message, he said, is patently obvious: Behave yourself; we’ll be watching. But Neal Kelly, spokesman for Ontario Power Generation, which wants to build the dump, said in an email that the OPP’s “engagement” came at the request of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and “local municipalities.” 

OPP contact stirs DGR debate For the local activists, the police visit was one in a line of failed community outreach efforts related to the OPG project. “I don’t think OPG has consulted the community or I don’t think their definition of community is accurate or in any way representative,” said Fernandez in an interview Saturday. “Community is the 40 million people who live in the Great Lakes basin and draw their drinking water from the Great Lakes.” She said OPG focused its outreach in Bruce County where nuclear industry employees are economically inclined to support the project, and that OPG -- through lucrative hosting agreements -- has effectively bought local municipalities' support.

OPP should stay out of homes of nuclear waste opponents: Editorial Ontario Provincial Police was way out of line when its cops visited citizens who planned to speak at hearings on the proposed nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron.

Dangers of the Pickering Nuclear Plant Catch this 24 min. interview I did with York Campus radio about the dangers of Pickering and other ON nuke issues. Click on "3. Feature Interview: Nuclear power safety concerns and Pickering"

Spending hundreds of millions on expensive nuclear energy puts conservation last: NDP Tabuns said the government's commitment of hundreds of millions of dollars to refurbish the Darlington nuclear power plant before even considering the energy conservation alternative is a "glaring government failure on energy conservation."

Podcast: Fukushima, Nuclear Waste & Ontario's Nuclear Future This 60 min. presentation was recorded at the Toronto event, Sept. 21, From Fukushima to Ontario. Speakers include Kevin Kamps, Don Hancock, and Shawn-Patrick Stensil.


Renewables and Conservation

The sun begins to shine on solar power  Ontario is alone among the provinces in offering subsidized rates for solar, and almost all of the business in Canada is done in the province. But Alberta is expected to announce its own incentive program this fall, even as Ontario re-examines its long-term energy plan to determine how solar and other sources of supply will fit into the mix.

A Brighter Energy Future The Rocky Mountain Institute’s online Flipboard magazine, featuring energy news from around the world, updated daily.

Debunking the Renewables “Disinformation Campaign”


Take Action!

Premier Kathleen Wynne : Close the Pickering Nuclear Station Please sign the petition. Also watch Chex TV Channel 12 Durham news’ story on the issue.

Don’t Nuke Green Energy: Tell Premier Wynne to shut down Pickering reactors by sending her a letter here. A Greenpeace Canada initiative.

Please send Ontario Minister Chiarelli a quick note here thanking him for moving forward with a commitment to putting conservation and efficiency first.

Conservation, Not Fracked Gas into the GTA
If you think greater efficiency beats more pipelines hands down, send a message to Premier Wynne,  Energy Minister Chiarelli and Environment Minister Bradley. Tell them you prefer conservation over fracked gas from the U.S.

Phase-out Pickering Nuclear Station and save $850 million per year Tell the Premier that we must avoid another electricity expenditure fiasco – don’t waste our hard-earned money rebuilding this aging and outdated facility! Click here

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking approval to build a nuclear waste dump 1 km from the shores of Lake Huron. This dump puts at risk the fresh water of the GREAT LAKES, relied upon by 40 million people in two countries. Tell Minister Aglukkaq and the Canadian federal government to stand up for the protection of the Great Lakes. Sign the petition

Keep them honest at CNN Please sign our petition to request that air time is provided at the time of the broadcast of Pandora’s Promise for a factual representation of the many dangers of nuclear power.



Public Hearing on Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Dump September 16 through October 12, Kincardine and Port Elgin, ON. These hearings will determine the future of having radioactive waste permanently buried in Kincardine, next to Lake Huron. Watch the live webcast here. See the schedule here. Watch previous presentations or read transcripts here.   
Green Energy Doors Open Sat. Oct. 5, all around Ontario. The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s annual, single-day showcase of the province-wide green energy economy. Register as a host today.
Climb the Turbine Fundraiser for Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative, Oct. 5 – 8, Toronto’s Wind Turbine
The Decline of Nuclear Power With Mycle Schneider, lead author of the World Nuclear Industry Report. Tues. Oct. 8, 7 p.m. 61 Ossington, Toronto. Mycle Schneider is an independent international consultant on energy and nuclear policy based in Paris. Free.

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