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October 6, 2010


“On top of the perennial challenges of global poverty and injustice, the two biggest threats facing human civilization in the 21st century are climate change and nuclear war. It would be absurd to respond to one by increasing the risks of the other.” - Dr Mark Diesendorf, author of Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy

"Speaking up about something that matters is the best recreation ever." Sharon Howarth, grassroots climate crusader

Not in our seaway: Mohawks Opposed to shipment of generators


U.S. senators oppose nuclear waste shipments


Plan to ship radioactive generators through Great Lakes draws protest


Nuclear spill could contaminate Canadian waters for centuries, environmentalists argue

Darlington upgrades will hike hydro rates

Hydro consumers could soon be zapped with another rate hike to pay for the refurbishment of the Darlington nuclear station. Jack Gibbons of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a coalition of health and environmental groups, said the government needs to stop financing Darlington on the backs of taxpayers.

“Consumers want the government to give them a new supply that is clean and green at a reasonable cost, and nuclear power doesn’t meet that test — the cost is way too high,” Gibbons told a Queen’s Park news conference. “It doesn’t make sense to invest up to $35 billion rebuilding an old nuclear station when we can meet our electricity needs at a fraction of a cost by energy efficiency . . . and to import water power from Quebec.”

Gibbons pointed out Ontario has a bad history of cost overruns concerning nuclear projects. He figures the actual cost of the rebuild could be between $21 billion to $35 billion.

The Darlington Re-Build Consumer Protection Plan

The good news is that Ontario has much lower cost and lower risk options to keep the lights on. These options can meet our electricity needs at less than half the cost of re-building Darlington.

With the click of a button, please send Premier McGuinty an email telling him that taxpayers and consumers should not pay for any nuclear cost overruns. Fixed-price bids should be required. Invest in lower cost and lower risk options.

Write a Letter to the Editor!

Sometimes they DO get printed. Make them short and sweet (or risk getting them severely edited!)

Here are 6 anti-nuke letters that were published in the Toronto Star:

‘Small Modular Reactors’ No Panacea for What Ails Nuclear Power

The same industry that promised that nuclear power would be ‘too cheap to meter’ is now touting another supposed cure-all for America’s power needs:  the small modular reactor (SMR).   The only problem is that SMRs are not only unlikely live up to the hype, but may well aggravate cost, safety, and environmental problems, according to a new fact sheet prepared by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) and Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR).

Article here:

Factsheet can be found here:

What We've Done to Others

The Nuclear Gang Rides On

Few Americans have a clear memory of our nuclear history.

Phasing-out coal: the next critical step

Ontario’s decision to shut down 2,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity generation capacity today is an important step forward on the road to a coal-free Ontario that can boast cleaner air and a healthier climate.

But despite this step, 11 of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) dirty coal-fired boilers will remain in operation until 2014, and under the province’s current environmental rules OPG can increase its total coal-fired electricity production by 14% in order to make export sales to the U.S. [Finishing the coal phase out] Increasing OPG’s profits at the expense of our children’s health doesn’t make sense.

The good news is that Ontario’s coal-free generation capacity is now 17% greater than our peak day electricity demands.  Therefore we can achieve a virtually complete coal phase-out today by simply putting our dirty coal plants on standby reserve, only operating them if they are absolutely needed to keep the lights on. 

Please send an email to Energy Minister Duguid now and ask him to prevent up to 137,500 asthma attacks per year by putting all of our dirty coal boilers on standby reserve today. 


Ontario nurses say shut down of coal-fired power units will save lives


National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA): Ontario Closes 4 Coal Plant Units

U.S., EU join fight over Ontario’s green energy plan: Province's local-content rules seen as threat to export potential

Some of the world’s most powerful countries have joined the battle over Ontario’s green energy plan, threatening the cornerstone of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s renewable power strategy.  The United States and the European Union emerged on Thursday as latest countries to say they have key commercial interests at stake and want to join the consultations on a complaint by Japan to the World Trade Organization. Myth of Nuclear Deterrence

5 minute video

Some national security experts believe that adhering to the theory of nuclear deterrence makes a country more secure. But does it really?

Nuclear Energy: What they tell us

View this shocking slideshow (warning some images relating to the children of Chernobyl may be disturbing):

Looking at the Real Cost of Fossil Fuel

In economics, conduct that re-allocates part of the cost of doing business upon other parties without their consent (such as pollution of public air and waters) is called an externality. To the extent that environmental impacts are not reflected in the market price of electricity, consumers are not paying the full cost of that power (i.e., their energy use is being subsidized), and energy markets become distorted, resulting in inefficient use of resources.

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