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Nov. 9, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

The World

Courting Calamity with Nuclear India   Although Prime Minister Stephen Harper is using a state visit to India to pitch major uranium sales, Canadians should view him not as a patriot, but as a huckster from hell. 

Fukushima fish 'may be inedible for a decade' Marine scientist finds levels of radioactivity in fish near stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are higher than expected

Japan government nuclear safety team took industry funding Members of a Japanese government team assigned to set reactor safety measures [standards] received funding from utility companies or atomic industry manufacturers, raising questions about the experts' neutrality… Before, regulators were in the same ministry that promotes the industry [as is the case in Canada].

One last nail in the MAPLEs coffin One of the most spectacular failures in the annals of the Canadian nuclear program is the fiasco of  the two MAPLE reactors that were designed, built, and are now slated to be dismantled without ever having enjoyed a single productive day of operation.

Nuclear Reactors = Nuclear Bombs Fantastic audio interview with US Alice Slater. Nuclear Hotseat is a weekly podcast on all things nuclear.
Meltdown fears crush case for nuclear power The Fukushima nuclear accident has quashed consideration of nuclear power in Australia, with the government's energy white paper arguing there is no compelling economic case for it and insufficient community acceptance.

Cost of safely storing radioactive material at Sellafield has increased by more than £900m in 10 months The findings have been described as "dire" by MPs.



Diagnosing Ontario’s Christmas Pony Syndrome Ontario’s nuclear ambitions – more deception and debt evasion! Will politicians tell the truth?

West-end Toronto residents shocked by local uranium facility West-end Toronto residents are looking for answers after they discovered that an unassuming building on Lansdowne Ave. is actually a nuclear facility licensed to produce nearly 2,000 tonnes of radioactive uranium dioxide pellets each year.


Renewables and Conservation

Princeton's Cogeneration Plant Provides Power During Hurricane  Princeton University was able to maintain energy operations through the recent storm with their CHP plant while over 1 million residents were left without power

Reducing Pollution, Creating Jobs This report by the Pembina Institute examines the evidence from a wide range of international and Canadian research on "green" jobs. The report finds the most jobs per gigawatt hour of electricity are created by solar PV, landfill gas and efficiency, with nuclear, coal and gas creating the least of all the energy sources. (see page 28)


Take Action!

Looking for a Champion at Queen’s Park! Premier McGuinty and Tim Hudak have been very clear that they plan to spend tens of billions on new nuclear projects.  Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has sat on the fence on this issue. If you’d like to encourage the NDP to take political leadership on this issue, and clearly position themselves against all new nuclear projects in the province, please order copies of our new leaflet, $35 billion to rebuild the Darlington nuclear station vs. $16 billion for 2.3 million home energy retrofits - Which will Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath choose? 

Guelph deserves respect!  Please email Energy Minister Chris Bentley and Guelph MPP Liz Sandals and ask them to direct the Ontario Power Authority to work with the City of Guelph to implement its Community Energy Plan in order to reduce our energy bills, protect our neighbourhoods, create jobs in Guelph, and avoid the need for the proposed Guelph Transmission Line.

Ask NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to oppose the Darlington rebuild. Send a letter here. And if you’re up for helping blitz subway stations and door-to-door, let me know. Thanks!
Send a letter to Premier McGuinty asking for an environmental review of the Darlington rebuild project.



MP Bruce Hyer Launches Nuclear Waste Route Tour Independent MP consults with communities that could see 50,000 tonnes of radioactive waste from across Canada land on their doorstep. Oshawa Nov. 8, Parry Sound Nov. 10, Sudbury Nov. 12, Sault Ste Marie Nov. 13

How can our community deal with nuclear waste? Film screening and discussion. Fri. Nov. 9, Kincardine Library
Voice of Women for Peace are having their AGM and National Conference Revitalizing the Peace Movement, Nov. 9 – 11, Toronto
G.E.’s Uranium Secret – West-Toronto Meeting Thur. Nov. 15, 7 p.m., 1900 Davenport, Toronto. Watch this video or this video of the issue, and listen to theis interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott on the need to get the plant moved outta town.

A Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High: Ending the Nuclear Age December 1-3, Chicago

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