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November 21, 2014 –   Please pass this onto a friend!

“While nuclear power plants were being forced to shut because of cracks, Scotland’s wind and sunshine were quietly and cleanly helping to keep the lights on in homes across the country. With wind power generating enough electricity to power 126% of the needs of every home in Scotland, it really was a bumper month for renewables in Scotland.” Lois Banks, WWF Scotland

The World

Japan's nuclear cleanup stymied by water woes Every day, about 6,000 workers pass through the guarded gate of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant on the Pacific coast — two to three times more than when it was actually producing electricity. Decommissioning the 6 reactors is expected to take 40 years and cost $90 bill. Meanwhile, 300 tons of radioactive ground water flow into the Pacific every day.

Saskatoon scientists make medical isotopes without nuclear reactor Ontario’s Chalk River nuclear reactor produces a bulk of the world’s medical isotopes, but the aging reactor is scheduled to shut down in 2016. More on this here.

200 Reactors to Retire Nearly 200 reactors, representing 38% of today’s installed nuclear generation capacity worldwide, will be retired by 2040. Decommissioning could cost $100 billion.

Au revoir, Areva? The giant French nuclear reactor manufacturer Areva is in serious trouble. Its publicly-traded shares dropped 15% this week. And here's another: French Nuclear Giant Areva Says Future Is Uncertain, Prompting a Sell-Off

Japan's 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster still fracturing families

James Bay Cree Against Uranium Mining

Too Heavy A Price To Pay?
 A paper by Dr. Gordon Edwards concerning a Permanent Moratorium On Uranium Exploration and Mining in Quebec

This is a fantastic podcast of back to back interviews with Arnie Gunderson, a nuclear whistle-blower, with the latest on Fukushima, and Naomi Klein on her lastest book,This Changes Everything,



Quebec-Ontario power sharing shows energy synergy For decades, Ontario built political moats around its nuclear reactors — and raised the drawbridges to prevent the flow of cheaper hydroelectric power from our neighbouring province. But the calculus is changing.

Quebec electricity would save Ontario consumers $14 Billion
Water power from Quebec could replace the Darlington nuclear rebuild. Quebec has the excess power, we have the transmission, they need the market, we need the power, they’re selling it at a fraction of the cost of re-building Darlington.

Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan: A One Year Review Read OCAA’s new report for more on how we can make more rational choices when it comes to electricity in Ontario.

Cancel Darlington, Partner with Quebec to Lower Electricity Bills from the Green Party of Ontario

The UnAtomic Age – Getting Past the nuclear era’s fiscal meltdown No private corporation will agree to construct and operate nuclear reactors without government guarantees of paying for construction cost overruns, covering or capping accident liability, and paying for the long-term disposal of nuclear waste. Frotunately, there are faster, better, cheaper and greener ways to meet our electricity needs.

Does Ontario's nuclear disaster plan go far enough?
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission now require potassium iodine pills, known as KI pills, to be distributed to all homes, businesses and institutions within 10 kilometres of nuclear generating station in Ontario by the end of next year. The pills are used to protect the thyroid from radioactivity which could become airborne during a nuclear radiological emergency. But that could be disastrous for millions of residents outside the 10 km zone.

Potassium iodide pills to go to homes near Pickering, Clarington nuclear plants Nuclear awareness group pleased with decision but wants greater radius for distribution

Get nuclear overhauls right Hay noted that the refurbishments are risky – a point underlined by former TD Bank chairman Ed Clark and his council, appointed by the province to squeeze more value from provincial assets.


Renewables and Conservation

Distributed Generation Disrupts U.S. Utility Markets

Energy Efficiency: The Secret Revolution
by Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

Denmark plans to join the 100 club – 100% renewables, that is by 2050, and to eliminate fossil fuels in vehicles by that deadline too. Denmark already relies on wind turbines for 40% of its energy needs and plans to reach 50% by 2020.


Take Action!

Please send Premier Wynne a message urging her to make a deal with Quebec instead of wasting billions of dollars on high-risk nuclear projects.  It is the right thing to do for both provinces.
Petition: Do not approve the re-opening of Japan's nuclear power plants The people in Fukui prefecture, Japan are campaigning against the governor’s policy to restart its nuclear power plants.

Cancel the Darlington Nuclear Re-build Project Please sign this Green Party of Ontario petition

Declare Japan’s Fukushima Meltdowns a “Level 8” Nuclear Disaster Sign the petitions calling for a global response.

Quebec imports can save us $1 billion per year As our new pamphlet explains, importing clean hydro power from Quebec is a much cheaper way to meet our electricity needs than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Plant. Order free copies today to distribute to your neighbours, family and friends.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 136 jurisdictions – representing over 16 million people – that have done so! See the list here.

Tell EPA: Take nuclear support out of proposed carbon rule Send your letter here.

President Obama: support a nuclear weapons-free world, as promised Please sign the petition.



What's the Plan for Ontario's Aging Nukes, and the Alternatives? Mon. Nov. 24, 7 - 9 pm. Metro Hall, Rm. 310 (King and John St.), Toronto. With speakers Jack Gibbons and Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

OCCA's Jack Gibbons speaks at Green Party of Ontario event Tues. Nov. 25, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Renewable Fuels for Transport - Opportunities and Challenges to Growth - Webinar Tues. Nov. 25, 3 p.m. EST. Free.

Women in Renewable Energy – Monthly Meetup Wed. Nov. 26, 5:30 – 7 p.m. Downtown Toronto. Free - all women working in, or wanting to learn more about working in the renewable energy sector are invited to attend.

Canada’s Carbon Bubble and the risks it poses Thur. Nov. 27, 6 p.m. The ROM, Toronto. Find out how lower oil prices and a low-carbon future will affect your investments and Canada’s economy. Free.

Quietly Into Disaster Film screening Thur. Nov. 27, 7 p.m., downtown Kitchener, ON with Angela Bischoff, OCAA and CREW

The German Energiewende: A Researcher’s View Fri. Dec. 12, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., Toronto. Germany is engaged in the most ambitious energy transformation of any major industrial nation — a move to renewable energy and hyper-efficiency.


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