No Nukes News

May 12, 2009


Hey anti-nuke folks,

It is expected that some time this June, Energy Minister George Smitherman may sign a contract for up to 3500 megawatts of nuclear energy to be built at Darlington, which according to Moody’s Investor Services will cost taxpayers about $26 billion. This price does not include waste disposal, plant decommissioning, insurance, security, health risks, impacts of mining, etc.

We are doing everything we can to reach Smitherman’s constituents in the hopes that we can convince the Minister that signing this blank cheque will be bad for his political career. Does he really want to be remembered as the Minister that lead us down the nuclear sinkhole?

Thanks for all you help – we’re getting the word out!


Wind Power Installations Up 29 Percent in 2008

Global wind capacity increased an estimated 27,051 megawatts in 2008, with cumulative installations up almost 29 percent. The United States led in new installations, surpassing Germany to rank first in cumulative capacity and electricity generation from wind.

This new report provides data since 1980 on global and national cumulative capacity in the top wind-producing countries and sheds light on key financial trends in the sector.

Why Ontario needs a 21st Century vision for energy

In spite of Ontario’s new Green Energy Act, the McGuinty government plans to spend almost $30 billion to refurbish and expand its nuclear plants. In my opinion, this, too, reveals a 20th Century mentality that will not only affect the health and safety of Ontarians, but also waste their hard earned dollars and what little time we have left to fight Global Warming.

In spite of the denials of some, humanity sits at a crucial crossroads. We can either embrace the new or cling to the obsolete. Those who want to spend billions of dollars on nuclear, coal, and even gas -- the Non-Renewable Three -- are looking backward to ways they know and have become dependent on, rather than stretching their minds to what should lie ahead.

Obama Proposes End to Oil, Gas, Nuclear Industry Tax Breaks 

President Barack Obama wants to end $26 billion in oil and gas industry tax breaks, calling them 'unjustifiable loopholes' in the tax system that other companies do not get. Obama's proposed fiscal 2010 budget, details of which were released Thursday, also more clearly spells out his intention to shut down a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada and calls for ending a government subsidy that helps utilities license and plan for new nuclear power plants. 

Slowly Decay

There is a secret place:
Beyond the barbed wire,
Electrical fences,
Security checkpoints,
And concrete barricades.

Where poison’s lay
Below the emerald cesspool
In barrels ten by ten,
Slowly decaying,
While stering at the sterile, bright,
White lights

And there they will stay
Long after the last of our generation
And our children’s children’s generation
Have died and rotted in the ground.

They will remain
For a millennia of generations
As they bear witness
To the fallout of our human error.

- Kevin Chen

Darlington nuclear plan draws criticism

Opponents of the construction of new nuclear reactors at Darlington unfurled a banner and handed out pamphlets at an Ontario Power Generation (OPG) information session in Peterborough yesterday.

Ontario Power Generation states it doesn't have a cost estimate for the new nuclear reactors for Darlington.

The environmental assessment is only looking at the reactors, not the environmental impacts of uranium mining, producing the reactor fuel and disposing of the reactor fuel waste, said John Etches, with Safe and Green Energy Peterborough.

"This is an absolute sham," he said. "They are not fully looking at other socially responsible ways to produce energy for the province. That is so outrageous because alternatives are known.

"It's an irresponsible expenditure of public funds to go down the nuclear road again."

The Downside Of Nuclear Energy

For the sake of long-term, sustainable growth - nuclear offers little more than high-priced energy, a wealth of environmental headaches, and fat campaign contributions in Washington.

And it sure as hell won't help consumers with electricity costs either.

Another Warning for Ontario

Another warning today from across the pond that the Ontario government should dump its plans to buy a new prototype reactor.  A leaked memo from the Finnish nuclear regulator reveals that it may halt the construction of AREVA’s prototype EPR reactor because of a lack progress in the design of reactors electronic safety control systems.

This is the latest in a long line of scandals that have plagued the Olkiluoto 3 project, which was supposed to be the flagship of the so-called nuclear renaissance.  Despite the nuclear lobby’s promise that new reactors would be on-time and on-budget, Olkiluoto 3 is now three years behind schedule and 50% over budget.
We can expect the same in Ontario where the McGuinty government is considering buying one of three unproven reactor designs - AREVA’s EPR design, AECL’s Advanced Candu and Westinghouse’s AP-1000.   None of these reactors have operating prototypes anywhere in the world, so buying any of them is a huge gamble.

Green Job Creation

Canadian Labour Congress

It has been calculated that it takes 100 workers in a nuclear plant or 116 workers in a coal-fired plant to generate 1,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year. Yet, 248 would be employed in a solar thermal facility or 542 in a wind farm to generate the same amount of electricity.