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April 2, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!


Letter to the editor: With Stephen Harper visiting Japan and trying to conjure another Asian Free-Trade Agreement I wonder if he will be invited to tour the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to observe its devastated reactors hit by the earthquake and subsequent meltdowns of their radioactive fuel. Will he try to convince the government to buy our CANDU reactors since they are so much safer? He certainly won't be able to sell them any more of our uranium fuel since the last of their 54 reactors will be shut down in May of this year! - Ziggy Kleinau, Binbrook, ON

Please contact ON’s Leader of the Opposition Andrea Horwath and ask her support for the budget conditional on phasing out dirty coal now and reducing investments in high-cost nuclear.

Japan Nuclear Plant May Be Worse Off Than Thought New york Times

Japan shuts down another nuclear reactor - all 54 reactors could be off line by May

Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor's Anti-Nuclear Speech

ex-PM Kan, other Democratic Party members to launch group to seek exit from nuclear power

Fukushima reactor shows radiation levels much higher than thought Damage from disaster so severe that clean-up expected to take decades, according to latest examination of nuclear plant

1 of Japan’s damaged reactors has high radiation, no water, renewing doubts about stability

Japan has lots of plutonium on hand, little way to use it President Obama noted Monday that the “smallest amount of plutonium — about the size of an apple — could kill hundreds of thousands and spark a global crisis.” … there are about 500 metric tons of plutonium in the world.

Older nuclear plants pose safety challenge Eighty percent of the world's nuclear power plants are more than 20 years old, which could impact safety, a draft U.N. report says a year after Japan's Fukushima disaster.

Fukushima's radioactivity found in California kelp

Exelon's 'Nuclear Guy': No New Nukes “I’m the nuclear guy,” Rowe said. “And you won’t get better results with nuclear. It just isn’t economic, and it’s not economic within a foreseeable time frame.”

German Companies abandon UK nuclear plans

Amory Lovins on why nuclear won’t solve the climate crisis – 2 min. interview

400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, Electromagnetic Pulses and Nuclear Armageddon

Nuclear power will fail to achieve what George Monbiot wants Nuclear industry's broken promises show atomic energy will not help climate efforts

Nuclear gives next energy headache But green energy isn't the true elephant in the living room. Nuclear power is. Darlington, Pickering, Bruce -- the names are stamped on the minds of generations of taxpayers, who watched the former Ontario Hydro go on a nuclear binge lethal to its bottom line.

Harper targeted over Nordion’s bomb-grade uranium deal with Russia

Notice of Public hearing to consider Shield Source Inc.’s (SSI) application to renew its operating license for its Nuclear Substance Processing Facility in Peterborough. Please consider presenting, deadline to apply is April 2.  More info on the issue here: Tritium stays put, needs to be cleaned up  Contact: Jeff Brackett

Solar and Wind Energy in Germany 3 min. video – wow!

Myths and Facts: The German Switch from Nuclear to Renewables - Renewable Germany is STILL exporting electricity to Nuclear France after shutting down many of their nuclear plants



Nuclear Power on the Prairies - Webinar – Wed. April 4, noon EDT - a discussion of how nuclear power facilities are regulated in Canada and how Alberta and Saskatchewan laws may be applied to nuclear power proposals.



Please contact ON’s Leader of the Opposition Andrea Horwath and ask her support for the budget conditional on phasing out dirty coal now and reducing investments in high-cost nuclear.

Send an email to ON Energy Minister Bentley and ask him to finish the coal phase-out in 2012 and invest in energy conservation rather than build or rebuild new nukes.

Drummond Drops the Ball Drummond misses the two biggest and easiest opportunities to lower our electricity bills and save taxpayers billions: cancel the coal subsidies, and cancel the high-cost nuclear re-investment plan. Send an email to Premier McGuinty here.

Protect the children of Fukushima against radiation exposure – Sign the AVAAZ petition

Support Anti-nuclear Protestors in India – 10,000 protesting, hundreds arrested and surrounded by police – sign the letter to the Prime Minister of India

Sign-up to become a Friend of Wind quickly and easily

Climate Change Cards for sale. 2 different sets of 8 cards/envelopes. $10 per set. Printed on FSC paper. Produced by Shirley Farlinger. Positive climate images/sayings on the front, blank inside. Order them from me while they last.

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