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April 21, 2017


On March 11th, on the 6th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we held a rally at the Pickering Beach. Watch what people had to say about the nuclear station in their back yard.

The World

Nuclear giants limp towards extinction Any lingering hope that a worldwide nuclear power renaissance would contribute to combating climate change appears to have been dashed by US company Westinghouse, the largest provider of nuclear technology in the world, filing for bankruptcy, and the severe financial difficulties of its Japanese parent company, Toshiba. “There is no one left to invest anymore because renewables are just cheaper, and these prices are still going down while nuclear is always up.”

Nuclear Power Bums, Bailouts and Bankruptcy You have to hand it to the nuclear industry for socializing costs and privatizing profits.

8 Environmental Anti-Uranium Defenders Convicted 8 Environmental and Human Rights Defenders detained in Malawi since 20.Dec. 2016, were convicted of "trespassing" and "reconnaissance without a licence". Then on April 12, after 16 weeks in prison, all 8 were released with suspended sentences.
5 Powerful Films About Chernobyl 31 years after Chernobyl (April 26, 1986), here are five films that recall the disaster, the cover-ups, and those affected.

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima Daiichi was the title of the April 4, 2017 tele-briefing with Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds’ Chief Nuclear Engineer. Listen to the 95 minute audio presentation here.



Proposed radioactive waste disposal site in Chalk River raises concerns Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has proposed building a five-storey-high mound roughly a kilometre from the Ottawa river to store waste from the Chalk River nuclear facility, about 180 kilometres west of Ottawa. But a citizens’ group is alarmed by the scale, the location on the river, the toxicity and the permanence. 10 reasons to dump the Chalk River dump.

Nuclear shipments could be going through Durham “It’s unnecessary, because we can down blend and store it on site. So why take the risk of transporting it through communities and over waterways? Accidents happen. And when nuclear accidents happen, they’re catastrophic. We would have no way to retrieve the deadly liquid radioactive waste if it contaminated a waterway. Even driving next to the trucks you could get irradiated. It does not belong in our neighbourhoods or on our bridges. This is some of the most dangerous waste known to humankind and transporting 23,000 litres across the continent in trucks is reckless beyond belief.”

Pickering Nuclear Station Underperforms While Darlington Rebuild Goes Over Budget

Feds punt nuke-waste bunker plan back to OPG
An OPG report affirming the shoreline of Lake Huron as the best place to bury radioactive waste failed to provide information the government had requested, federal environmental authorities say. Back to the drawing board for OPG. This will most certainly delay any decision for years.


Renewables and Conservation

Building an ON green jobs strategy through conservation A win for workers, a win for the climate, and a win for our pocketbooks because conservation costs but a fraction of rebuilding our aging nukes.

Clean energy projects soared in 2016 as solar and wind got cheaper read the article to afffirm
Kentucky Coal Mining Museum converts to solar power to save money

Clean Energy Transition – Decisive, Irrefutable And Unstoppable
The clean energy revolution is happening as oil companies like ExxonMobil cut big fossil fuel reserves – especially oil sands – from their books, and coal plants continue shutting down. Renewables have become the fastest growing source of electricity and the decline of coal use is accelerating.


Take Action!

Sign the petition to Prime Minister of Japan to demand the government provides fair compensation, housing support, and is fully transparent about the radiation risks from Fukushima

No Olympics or Paralympics in Radioactive Fukushima Petition.

Sign our petition to close the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station when its license expires in 2018 rather than extend its life 'till 2028 which is OPG's hope. And then share it with your friends.

Can you spare a few hours to leaflet blitz your neighbourhood mailboxes? Help us make the closure of the Pickering nuclear station a public issue. Contact:

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Sign the petition calling on Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to reject OPG's nuclear waste dump on the shore of Lake Huron.

Order your free KI (anti-thyroid-cancer) pills here if you live within 50 km of an ON nuclear facility that includes all of Toronto and beyond. Download your anti-thyroid cancer posters here to post in your office, school, or local cafe



March for Science - Sat. April 22, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Toronto City Hall to Queen's Park

Chernobyl Anniversary: Film Screening and discussion – Tues. April 25, 7 p.m,, Pickering Rec Complex. Screening of Atomic States of America

People's Climate March - Sat. April 29, noon - 2 p.m. Allan Gardens, Toronto

Chernobyl Anniversary: Film screening and discussion – Sun. April 30, 7 p.m., Friends House, Toronto. Screening of Atomic States of America

Kids’ World of Energy Festival Sat. May 6, Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto. This family-focused festival will include kids’ activities, games and demonstrations focused on energy. Organized by TREC Education. Free.

Ontario Climate Consortium presents Just Transformations May 11-12, York University

Meet Me on the Beach: on Mother’s Day, protect the children – Sat. May 13, 2 p.m., Pickering Beach (S. end of Liverpool Rd). Join us to send a message to Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, calling on them to protect our children from the dangers of the Pickering Nuclear Station by shutting it down in 2018. Supplies provided.

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