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The Do More For Less Model

Easy to maintain
Smaller-scale technologies like wind, hydro, geothermal, combined heat and power and even solar are nowhere near as complicated to construct or maintain as a nuclear plant.  They can be deployed much faster and therefore can help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions now — and not a decade or more from now. 

As one financial analyst put it, nuclear power is a very expensive and complicated way to boil water (nuclear plants produce steam that is used to turn turbines to generate electricity).  There are many, many other ways to produce electricity or to meet the needs served by electricity (a hot shower, a cold beer) that are cheaper, safer and more reliable. 

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Renewable systems are much less prone to system-wide blackouts compared to large centralized systems built around a handful of giant nuclear plants.

Ontario's Green Future

Ontario's Green FutureTogether, we can build a green future

Ontario has the resources and the know how to build a clean, sustainable electricity system. By tapping the enormous power of increased efficiency, leveraging our significant renewable energy potential and embracing new technologies, we can create a prosperous healthy province without high cost, high risk nuclear power or dirty coal. Read our recipe for Ontario's Green Future.

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Ontario's Green Future

Ontario Clean Air AllianceThe Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health and environmental organizations, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, corporations and individuals working for cleaner air through a coal phase-out and a shift to a renewable electricity future.